My MamaBib Story

by Anthea Michael

A confident and comfortable breastfeeding mummy is more likely to nurse for longer and that means lifelong benefits for thousands, if not millions of babies around the world
— Anthea, Creator of the MamaBib

The MamaBib™ was inspired by three desires; to breastfeed more freely and confidently whilst out and about, to keep my baby out in the open during feeds and to nurse discretely wearing my normal clothes.  After searching the internet, I just couldn't find anything which satisfied all three desires.  I then designed and sewed together the first MamaBib™ for my own personal use and feeling so much more comfortable, happy and liberated, I continued to breastfeed for up to 28 months! 

As I sat and breastfed my little son, many other mummies started to ask where they could purchase a MamaBib™ and I realised that it could help liberate other mummies too. I then decided to make the MamaBib™ commercially available and now they are being sold all over the world.  

What makes me happy is that a simple solution such as the MamaBib™ has made such a huge difference.  A confident and comfortable breastfeeding mummy is more likely to nurse for longer and that means countless, lifelong benefits for hundreds, if not thousands, of babies around the world.  Supporting other mummies through the all-important breastfeeding journey has now become a personal mission of mine.

It's so fantastic that there is finally a solution for both mummy and baby - the MamaBib™ is one of the only breastfeeding covers in the world that keeps mummy beautifully covered and gives baby the freedom to feed out in the open.  The fact that baby gets to stay out on top means that both mummy and baby can maintain eye contact, you can check to see if baby has latched on properly and maximum air can flow, ensuring baby stays cool in warmer months.

I truly hope your MamaBib™ as liberating as I have found it and I wish each and every one of you the best on your wonderful journey.  xxx