The Best Nursing Covers

Our MamaBib Nursing Cover launched in late 2016 and has already received a Platinum Award for Best Feeding Top and a Gold Award for Best Product for Breastfeeding in the 2016 LovedbyParents Awards.  These are prestigious, industry-recognised accolades, which are a huge credit to the MamaBib and its outstanding quality and innovation.  The MamaBib is now considered to be one of the best Nursing Covers available.

The MamaBib has also received raving reviews from happy mummies all over the world who say that it has literally transformed the way they feel about breastfeeding and that feeling comfortable has enabled them to breastfeed longer.  They no longer have to worry about sneaking off to a hideaway, feeding room or parked car to feed their little ones; they can stay put and nurse confidently and discretely.

With this Best Selling and Award Winning Breastfeeding Cover Up, you'll feel confident to breastfeed baby wherever you may go.  It promises excellent coverage for mummy and baby is free to feed out in the open - no more hiding baby away as with traditional nursing cover ups.  Nurse comfortably with love, confidence and elegance using the MamaBib™.

Here's what some of our happy mummies have to say:

Rebecca, Norwich | England

I love my MamaBib and I am still breastfeeding so still using it. I always get a lot of compliments on it which is wonderful. I love the fabric and colours. Will definitely be keeping it for any future children.  Thank you for designing such a wonderful product! 

Erika, London | england

I purchased this to a friend of mine, who was expecting at the time. Since then she gave birth and this is a life saver for her, she loves it and uses it all the time.  The material is lovely and soft. To put it on is not awkward, like some of the ones I looked online. Nice design, goes with anything. It was expensive, but worth every penny.


The MamaBib is amazing! Would highly recommend this product! It's easy to use and looks good too. Baby is completely comfortable and happy whilst feeding under it. Plus delivery is super quick. Thank you MamaBib...a very happy mummy (and baby).

The Award-Winning MamaBib Nursing Cover

The Award-Winning MamaBib Nursing Cover

One of the most innovative and important features of the MamaBib, making it one of the best Nursing Covers, is that it covers mummy beautifully whilst allowing baby to feed freely out in the open.  Traditional nursing covers' main focus is on covering mummy and being fed under a blanket or large piece of material may not be so comfortable for baby, especially in warmer months.

The MamaBib Nursing Cover gives special attention to baby, because Creator Anthea Michael, realised that maintaining eye contact and checking if baby has latched properly is so critical to breastfeeding success.  It also considers mummies and the fact that every mummy wants to feel comfortable whilst nursing out and about in public places.  Therefore, it's fashionably designed to blend in and looks like a normal top and it can be worn over literally any outfit.

A bonus? The MamaBib™ is the only piece of nursing clothing you'll need! No need to spend extra money on specialised Nursing Tops and much less washing and ironing for busy breastfeeding mummies.