MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover

Stay beautifully covered and feed baby out in the open -
No need to hide baby away :)

The MamaBib was inspired by a mum's desire to breastfeed in public more freely and confidently, whilst allowing baby the freedom to feed out in the open, without any restriction.  It is fashionably designed to add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit and provides excellent coverage. With baby feeding out on top, mummy and baby can maintain eye-contact and air can flow freely, which will keep baby cool in warmer months - it's perfect for use in all climates. 

The MamaBib™ is easily secured around the neck with an adjustable neck strap, featuring two button-hole options so you have the choice to wear it loose or tighter. 

All mums can use The MamaBib™ as a layer to protect clothing from spillages during feeds or use it as a light blanket for baby.  The cover is double-layered, soft to the touch and made from a quality, breathable material.

Watch our short demo video on how to use the MamaBib >>


Provides excellent coverage

Stylish & easy to wear

Allows baby to feed out in the open

Allows maximum airflow to baby

Mummy & baby can maintain eye-contact

One size fits all

Looks like a fashion top & blends in with any outfit

Can be used for baby & toddler

Made from a cool & lightweight fabric

Doesn't crease easily, so always looks good on

Double-layered / reversible

It's the perfect gift for mummies & mums-to-be

No need to buy extra nursing clothing

It truly transformed the way I felt about breastfeeding and I knew I could comfortably keep it up for longer.
— Anthea, Creator of the MamaBib

Fashionable Breastfeeding Covers

Make a chic fashion statement and enjoy discrete breastfeeding on the go, with this stylish MamaBib.  The MamaBib provides the perfect coverage for mummy, whilst giving baby the freedom to comfortably feed out in the open. 

Beautifully soft to the touch and fashionably designed to blend in, you can wear it over any outfit and add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.

The MamaBib breastfeeding cover is so easy to pack into your hospital bag and doesn't crease easily so it can travel with you, wherever you go.

Style your Nursing Cover

The MamaBib is more than just a discrete way of nursing's a tailor made nursing cover that was specifically designed to look like a ladies' top for maximum discretion as well as to make mummy look and feel beautiful.  The natural stripe combos have been specifically selected for their versatility and can be paired with jeans, leggings or even a bikini at the beach. Wear the MamaBib with confidence and breastfeed in style, on the go.

A Breastfeeding Cover or Scarf: The Perfect Baby Shower, Pregnancy Gift or New Mum Gift

A stylish breastfeeding cover makes for the perfect pregnancy gift for a baby shower or a new mum gift to a sister, friend or daughter.  If you're considering what to buy as a gift, why not consider the MamaBib.  Shop online and get it gift wrapped and delivered with a personal messag

Breastfeeding Cover UK & International

Our MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover is available in the UK and we also ship frequently to the United States, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Rest of the World! What's more, we currently offer free shipping to all destinations, so there is no extra charge for delivery! Mummies from all over the world are using the MamaBib on their breastfeeding journeys. We have received rave reviews and feedback about how significant the MamaBib has been in making them feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and even breastfeeding for longer than they thought they initially would.  We are so happy to be able to share the MamaBib with other mummies from all over the world!