How to use our
MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover

It's so quick and easy to use the MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover and when you're finished, you can just remove, fold it and pop it in your handbag!


1.  Button the MamaBib around your neck

2. Smooth out over your chest to ensure you're covered

3. Lower or lift up your clothing behind the MamaBib to expose the breast you'll be feeding baby on.

4. Place baby to your chest under the MamaBib, leaving his head exposed.

5. Lift the MamaBib on the side you'll be feeding baby and support the material above your baby's mouth area with your free hand.  (You can use the side or the lower part of the MamaBib, whichever feels better).


Little note: Please ensure that the MamaBib does not obstruct baby's mouth or nose at any time before, during or after feeds.