Best Breastfeeding Cover Up

The MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover Up

Stay beautifully covered and feed baby out in the open anywhere you go. No need to hide baby away.

The MamaBib™ is the perfect breastfeeding cover up for nursing baby in public, anytime, anywhere. Its excellent coverage is reassuring and helps mummy feel more confident and at ease during precious breastfeeding moments, whilst baby has the freedom to feed without restriction.

With baby feeding out on top, mummy and baby can maintain eye-contact and air can flow freely, which will keep baby cool in warmer months - so, it's absolutely perfect for use all year round.

The MamaBib™ is easily secured around the neck with an adjustable neck strap, featuring two button-hole options so you have the choice to wear it loose or tighter. 

All mums can use The MamaBib™ as a layer to protect clothing from spillages during feeds or use it as a light blanket for baby.  The cover is double-layered, soft to the touch and made from a quality, breathable material.

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Feeling Comfortable Anytime, Anywhere

As mummies, we should all feel free and confident to breastfeed our babies, wherever we are.  Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and a precious gift to our newborns that will last a lifetime.  When nursing in public, there is no rule or expectation that dictates we must use a Breastfeeding Cover Up.  Many mummies are happy and comfortable simply using a muslin cloth or lifting up a top to feed baby.

However, in some situations such as being in a busy airport, on a plane or train, in a crowded cafe or restaurant, especially in the summer when we tend to wear fewer clothes, you just feel that you need that extra bit of privacy.  In certain countries, many mummies are made to feel unwelcome or awkward and see a Breastfeeding Cover Up as a necessity in order to comfortably feed baby whilst out and about.

Using a Breastfeeding Cover Up is totally up to mummy and the fact they are widely available, means you have the choice to use one if you so desire.  Most breastfeeding covers cover mummy all the way around and baby is discretely hidden underneath. There are special scarves, ponchos, aprons, loose hanging covers, wraps and large drapes. 

Now that the breastfeeding movement has gathered worldwide momentum and we are starting to feel more confident about breastfeeding in public, new mummies are starting to look to more flexible and liberal solutions.

A Breastfeeding Cover Up, such as the award-winning MamaBib, respects mummies' need for privacy and keeps you beautifully covered, whilst baby is free to feed out in the open.  It is one of the only breastfeeding covers in the world that liberates baby and offers the flexibility to breastfeed in public, without having to hide baby away.  Keeping baby out on top keeps him calmer, cooler and more comfortable and also ensures both mummy and baby can maintain eye contact.  One might say, it is the key to breastfeeding success.

The MamaBib is also fashionably designed to look like a ladies' top and blends in with any outfit for discrete feeding.  It's so easy to wear and offers two button-hole options so you can choose to wear it looser or tighter. 

Wear what you want & go

What's also great about using a Breastfeeding Cover Up is that you have the freedom to wear most of your usual clothes, without being confined to athletic clothing or specialised nursing tops.  Wear what you like and simply lift or lower your top on the side you're feeding baby. You stay covered and no one will even notice you're breastfeeding.

Since its launch in late 2016, the MamaBib has been embraced by 1000's of mummies from all over the world and has played an important role in their breastfeeding journey.  Having it with you gives you a choice and you can use it for every feed or during feeds where you require a little bit more privacy.

Breastfeeding Cover up benefits:

  • Provides mummy with more privacy when breastfeeding in public areas

  • Makes breastfeeding more comfortable and practical, therefore mummy is more likely to want to continue for longer

  • No need to purchase specialised nursing clothing - saves you money

  • Fantastic for breastfeeding at the beach or when wearing fewer clothes in the summer

  • Great for discrete feeding on the move if you use public transport or plan on flying abroad.

  • Offers a choice.

So if you feel you need a little bit more privacy whilst breastfeeding on the go, a breastfeeding cover or nursing cover such as the MamaBib may be a worthwhile consideration.  Happy Breastfeeding!

The Very Versatile MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover - Use it from Newborn up to Toddler. Baby is happy and free feeding out in the open.

The Very Versatile MamaBib Breastfeeding Cover - Use it from Newborn up to Toddler. Baby is happy and free feeding out in the open.