The MamaBib™ has reached all corners of the globe


It's so incredible how things come together.  Back in 2014 I was on holiday in Greece, on the beach, thinking of a way I could feel more comfortable to stay put and breastfeed my son Jason, without having to dash back to the car and hide.  It was then that I thought up the MamaBib and stayed up until the early hours of the morning drawing different designs and sewing it altogether.  From that day, my breastfeeding experience changed and I was finally liberated! I could just stay put, look elegant and get on with feeding Jason whenever, wherever.  I went on to breastfeed for two and a half wonderful years!

The most astounding thing is that I had never thought this could ever be something other mummies would find useful.  I felt anxious about covering up my baby, especially in the heat, with a traditional breastfeeding cover and I assumed other mummies just didn't mind using what was already on the market. My MamaBib allowed me to breastfeed with Jason out in the fresh air and maintain eye contact throughout.

Now, just two years and two prestigious industry awards later, the MamaBib is a fully-fledged retail product and has been sold to mummies all over the world. The first ever MamaBibs to be sold online went to mummies in Hong Kong and Australia!  I cannot express what an amazing feeling this is! As soon as I felt how liberating and life changing it was using the MamaBib I just had to get it out there! I knew it could make a difference. After my own experience, I strongly believed that a confident and comfortable breastfeeding mummy is more likely to nurse for longer and that means lifelong benefits for thousands, if not millions of babies around the world.

In the last few months, we've shipped out to the USA, Finland, Italy, UK, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries.  The MamaBib is also attracting interest from international retailers and is even being stocked in a beautiful Mother & Baby Retailer called 'New Baby City' across all of Cyprus. 

I am so incredibly happy that we are playing a small role in helping breastfeeding mummies feel more confident and consequently supporting the breastfeeding movement throughout the world.