New, award-winning MamaBib breastfeeding cover launches and sets babies free!

The MamaBib™ is a stylish, new breastfeeding cover, which is about to revolutionise the way mummies feed their babies.  Fashionably designed to blend in, the MamaBib™ keeps mummy perfectly covered and baby completely free to feed out in the open.  Say goodbye to big, floral aprons and ponchos, the ultra chic MamaBib™ will set you and baby free!

The MamaBib™ was inspired by a mum's genuine desire to breastfeed discretely and confidently whilst out and about, without compromising baby's freedom and comfort.  Unlike traditional breastfeeding covers on the market, the MamaBib™ provides excellent coverage whilst leaving baby's head exposed and mummy simply supports the material around the mouth.

This more flexible approach to nursing guarantees maximum airflow to baby, no concerns about whether baby is too hot and ensures mummy and baby maintain eye contact. The MamaBib™ is also the first breastfeeding cover to recognise both mummy and baby's needs - it adds a touch of elegance to mummy's wardrobe and enables her to wear any outfit of her choice and at the same time, gives baby all the comfort and freedom to feed.  Essentially, it is the perfect recipe for successful breastfeeding.

Creator of the MamaBib™, Anthea Archontous, comments; "what makes me happy is that a simple solution such as the MamaBib™ can make a huge difference in women's lives.  A confident and comfortable breastfeeding mummy is more likely to nurse for longer and that means countless benefits for hundreds, if not thousands of babies around the world.

The MamaBib™ is also one of the only covers in the world that can be used to nurse toddlers because it doesn't restrict them in any way.  My little boy is 26 months and gets excited every time he sees it because he knows he's going to have his milk!"

The first MamaBib™ collection, 'Love & Stripes' comprises three different striped colour combos; nautical navy and ivory, lilac grey and ivory and taupe and ivory. 

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